3rd Party Development

Deploying 3rd party capabilities in LimaCharlie is possible in two ways:

  1. 1. Payload based deployment leveraging the LimaCharlie EDR
  2. 2. Native capabilities through EBaaS, with or without the LimaCharlie EDR
While the first method is the easiest, and great to deploy things like custom AV packages or other security solutions and is available to all users in a self-serve manner, you may want to deploy more tightly integrated native solutions.

Focus your development efforts on the tip-of-the-spear capabilities while reusing a top-of-class infrastructure


Accelerated go-to-market


Cost savings in infrastructure and maintenance


Easy access to advanced capabilities to build on top of

"If I was to build a new cybersecurity company, I’d build it on top of this."


Phillip Martin

CSO, Coinbase

Simple Integration

The Endpoint Bus-as-a-Service (EBaaS) integration is easy. Simply use a C static library LimaCharlie provides in order to interface with your native capability. From there, you get dynamically loaded by the LimaCharlie endpoint agent. The interface also includes functions to receive and send messages through the LimaCharlie infrastructure.

Join organizations of all types adopting the SecOps Cloud Platform

Getting Started & Pricing

LimaCharlie is built to be OEM and builder-friendly, this includes our price structure. Pricing for EBaaS can vary depending on the type of functionality, so get in touch with us to discuss integration and get a quote.